• When do I present my Leafcard?

Before ordering your food, please politely alert the waiter/waitress of your Leafcard.

• How many cards can be used per table?

One Leafcard can be used per table.

• Can this be used at Cafés and Grab & Gos?

Yes! We have loads of both! You can use one Leafcard per bill, just like in restaurants

• Can I use it alone?

Yes, just spend at least £5 at the table (we advise bringing friends - life's more fun that way)

• Can I get a discount on my vegetarian/vegan dish if I am with other non-Leafcard holders?

Yes, so long as you, or your friend(s), spend more than £5 on other items at the table, your main will be removed from the bill.

• Can my friend and I use our Leafcards at the same time?

No, only one can be used on one bill

• When can I use my card?

Your card can be used all day Monday to Thursday.

• Do I have to book in advance?

No, just feel hungry, pick a restaurant and enjoy! There are exceptions to this rule, they will be made apparent on the website

• How do I know which restaurants are on board?

The map on our homepage shows all of our restaurants, with both their location and a description.

• Can I purchase meat and fish dishes but still use my Leafcard for a free vegetarian main?

Yes, you can! There are exceptions to this rule however, so please do check our website to make sure if this is allowed, Vital Ingredient for instance only accepts fully vegetarian purchases.

• Is Leafcard the best product South of the North Pole?

Yes, and north of the south pole

Further questions? Please contact us at info@leafcard.co.uk

Download the App

Download the Leafcard app now - you won't pay a penny to do so. We believe in making a more vegetarian lifestyle more easy - all we want from you is to tell your friends and help us make a change!

Leafcard is only available for use from Monday-Thursday, it is subject to each restaurant's food/table availability and to a minimum table spend of £5. Only one Leafcard can be used per table/bill. By joining Leafcard a free card will be generated which is available for use in each of our restaurants with no additional payment required.